Different Certificate Delivery Types

Here are some ways in which the certificate can be issued to the recipients

Setting the Delivery Type for Certificates and Badges

The "delivery type" defines how a certificate or badge is sent to a recipient. Certificates and badges can be sent directly to the recipients, to the trainer for distribution, or to a custom email address.

Steps to Set the Delivery Type:

  1. Create Training:

    • Click on "Create Training" on the training dashboard.
  2. Training Details:

    • In the "Training Details" section, locate the "Certificate Delivery Type" options.
  3. Choose Delivery Type:

    • Send to Recipients: Issue the certificate directly to the recipient's email.
    • Send to Trainer: The trainer receives all the certificates via email once the training is complete.
    • Send to a Custom Email Address: Certificates can be sent to up to three other email addresses after the training is completed.

Note: You can choose one or multiple options.