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After completing a course many of the recipients will be happy about their achievement and want to show off their accomplishment by posting it to LinkedIn for the world to see. Since our software is optimized for this occasion our certificates and badges can easily be shared by just following along these few steps.

First of all you need to click on "Get certificate" in the email with your certificate. This will forward you to the recipient landing page. Where you will be asked to agree to our terms of use and log in your LinkedIn account.

After logging in you can share this certificate as a post by clicking the button below "1. Share your certificate".

Now you are able to adapt the post-text that the issuer of this certificate has predefined as well as see the predefined hashtags.

After clicking "Share to LinkedIn" it will be postet directly. After that you can proceed back to the recipient landing page and click on "Add to LinkedIn profile", which will redirect you to this page in LinkedIn. 

Now your certificate is added to your profile and everyone can see what you accomplished. This is what it looks like.

Common Mistake

It is important to follow these steps in the order shown above to make sure to share the correct pre-defined posts from your issuer instead of an unoptimised, overly generic post created by LinkedIn that would look similar to this one.

If you perform the second of these two steps before the first, you will get this incorrect post.

Then fill out all the information for your certificate as shown above, but you will be prompted by LinkedIn to share your certificate with your network after you add the certificate to your profile. This will look like this:

After clicking "Next", you will see a post predefined by LinkedIn with a short text, some hashtags and a celebration animation.

Once again, this is not the right way to post certificates on LinkedIn! Please follow the instructions at the beginning of this article to optimize your social media marketing.

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