Wrong Preview on LinkedIn

What happens when your recipients share a post with the wrong certificate preview.

You might be seeing some LinkedIn posts shared by your recipients that don't have the correct preview of your certificates. 
The preview posts may look similar to this:

That post is not your recipient's certificate post, but in reality, it is only an automatically generated post by LinkedIn shared when your recipients make changes to their profile section "Licenses and Certifications".

For the correct preview to be displayed, your recipients must opt to share their certificates as posts (see situation 1). If your recipients only wish to add their credentials to their profiles (in the section "Licenses and Certifications"), situation 2 will take place.

Situation 1: When sharing your badge/certificate

This is where the customized text, hashtags, and image of the badge show up as a post on your social media feed. The below image gives you a preview of what your LinkedIn post would look like.

Situation 2: When adding it to your LinkedIn profile

Here, the badge/certificate gets directly added to your recipient's profile in the Licenses & Certifications section.

Then, LinkedIn auto-generates a post that your recipients can add to their feed. This step is not mandatory, but many recipients choose to proceed with the post. This is what this post looks like:

If your recipients are having troubles sharing the correct post, just remind them to click on the sharing button from the certificate access page, received via email: