Approval Type

Filtering of recipients before issuing the certificates

Before a training session begins, the trainer must share a QR code with the attendees. Recipients will fill out a form with their details, such as name, email, course name, and date. This information is crucial for adding recipients to the certificates and issuing them.

Approval Options in the Trainer Module

In the Trainer Module, there are two options for approving recipients:

  1. Admin Only Approval
  2. Trainer Only Approval
  3. Trainer and Admin Approval
  4. No Approval selected
  • Trainer and Admin Approval: If both the trainer and admin approval are required, the trainer must approve the recipient first, and the software will then wait for the admin's approval. However, if the admin approves the recipient directly, the status changes to approved without needing the trainer's approval.
  • No Approval selected: If none of the approval options are selected, recipients will directly receive their certificates without needing any approvals.

Setting the Approval Type

Note: Only the Admin can set or change the approval type.

  1. Go to Account Settings:

    • Navigate to your Account Settings.
  2. Access Trainer Module:

    • Click on the "Trainer Module".
  3. Set Approval Type:

    • Look for the "Approval type" section.
    • Select the desired approval type (Trainer Only, Trainer and Admin, or No Approval).

By following these steps, you can ensure that the approval process for certificate issuance is tailored to your organization’s needs, ensuring proper oversight and efficiency.