Certificate Selection

Check out different ways to select certificates for certain training.

When setting up a new training session, it's important to select the certificates that the recipients will receive. Trainers can either allow recipients to choose between certificates or have a fixed certificate.


Ensure you have certificates in a Shared Collection. Click here, to learn how to do so.

Steps to Set Up Certificate Selection:

  1. Create Training:

    • Click on "Create Training."
  2. Add Certificate Selection:

    • Click on "Add" under Certificate Selection.

3. Select Shared Collection:

  • A drop-down menu with shared collection names will appear.
  • Click on the desired collection
4. Choose Certificate:
  • Another tab will open to the right where you can select the specific certificate you want to use for this training.
  • If you do not select a specific certificate under a collection, recipients will be able to choose the certificate themselves.

Important Notes:

  • Maximum Certificates: You can add a maximum of three certificates per training.
  • No Changes Post Addition: You cannot make changes to the certificate selection once the recipients are added.


By following these steps, you can efficiently set up the certificate options for your training sessions, ensuring a smooth process for both trainers and participants.