Adding the LinkedIn Organisation ID

Connect your certifications in a few clicks

What is the LinkedIn Org ID?

It is a set of numbers that is unique to your organization. 

The LinkedIn ID is used to automatically add your company as the issuer of the badges/certificates sent to your recipients.
When the correct LinkedIn ID is added, your company is displayed on your recipient's LinkedIn Profiles when they add their certificates to the section "Licenses and Certifications".


Finding the ID

There are two ways this ID can be found.

A. As an administrator it can be found directly on the main page of the organization's URL.

B. If you don't have access, you will have to follow the steps below:

1. Go to the organization's LinkedIn page.

2. Click on Employees. It can be seen under the name and bio.

3. It opens a new window. You can see 6-9 digits in the double quotation in the URL.