Default logo and color codes

Here we will see how to add your logo in the header of all certificate emails that you send as a default option. The same logo will also appear on the recipient view page.

New certificates

To change your account’s default logo and color codes, simply go to the Organisation Settings from your dashboard.

Scroll down, now you can upload your company’s logo and set The primary and secondary colors of your choice. Remember to save your changes 🙂

Once that is saved, all new certificates created by you will automatically use your logo in the header of the emails, and in the navbar of the recipient view page.
Even though these are your default settings, you can still make changes to them inside each of your certificates.

Existing Certificates

Making changes to your default logo/colors does not impact the logo/colors already in use by existing certificates.
To make changes to the certificates that you have already created (either on Active and Draft status), just go to the tab “Basic Details” and upload a new logo manually.

You can change the color codes by manually changing them from the “Email Settings” tab.
(visit “Campaign Setup” → “Email template Setup” → “Style”)