Profile pictures

You can make your digital certificates even more personalized by adding your recipient's profile pictures!

Adding profile pictures is a great way to boost the share statistics of your certificates: We see that certificates containing profile pictures are shared almost 3x more often than certificates without profile pictures. 

How to add/remove profile pictures 

You can manage profile pictures in your certificates from the “Designer” tab, by selecting “Recipient Profile Picture" in the element navigation bar.

From there, you can decide if you want the profile picture of your recipients to be displayed on this certificate or not. You can easily disable (or enable) profile pictures in any certificate design.

Enabling/disabling profile pictures do not work

Managing the profile picture settings of the certificate will not work in you have already added your recipients.

If you have just added the recipients, but have not sent out the emails, you can easily go to the tab “Recipients” and delete all.

Attention: Do not delete recipients if you have already sent the emails. This will have the same effect as revoking their tokens, and they won’t be able to access their certificates anymore.

If you have already sent the emails, you can duplicate your certificate and use the copy as the version without a profile picture.

To duplicate your certificate go to the tab “Overview” → “Duplicate”.

How profile pictures work

The most important thing to know about profile pictures is the following:

You don’t have any extra work by adding profile pictures to your certificate. The profile pictures are added by the recipients directly. That means you don’t have to manually collect the profile picture of each of your recipients.

Here is how the profile pictures work:

1. Your recipient will be invited to claim their certificates via email. By clicking on this email, they are redirected to the Recipient View page (with their authentication token already added to the URL).

2. The recipient can choose to proceed with their preferred social media platforms. By doing this, their profile picture from the chosen platform is automatically added to their certificate.

3. If the recipient decides to proceed without a profile picture, they will be asked to manually upload a profile picture of their preference to the certificate (or leave it blank).