Access Token

Each recipient uses their own token to access their certificates or badges

Access tokens are needed to access the information in each certificate or badge created using

For the recipients, the access tokens are automatically added to their access email. This makes their experience simple and fast.

For the administrators, all access tokens are available from their dashboards.

Access Tokens for Recipients

Recipients will receive access to their certificates via email. Their unique access tokens are automatically added to their access email, so clicking on the email link is enough to send the recipients to the access page, without having to manually type their access tokens.

Troubleshooting access tokens for recipients:

Can't open the link on the email: 

If the button on the email that you received is not working, please copy the link displayed above the footer:

If the URL is still not working, your admin might have paused that certificate/badge from their side or canceled their account with us. Please reach out to the issuer of your badge/certificate by replying directly to the access email.

Can't connect to your social media profile to access the certificate/badge:

This problem shows up when you click on the access link sent via email, but can not proceed with connecting to your preferred social media profile. The error notification shows you that that token is already in use by another account:

In that case, please request your issuer to reset your token.

Access Tokens for Admins

Admins can manage the tokens of all recipients directly from their dashboard.

Attention: The tokens should only be used by the correct recipients. If you use tokens from other recipients to test your certificate/badge campaign, it will be locked to your chosen social media account, and won't work for the real recipient. 

Tip: Always add yourself as a separate recipient to send test emails.

Here are some actions that admins can do with access tokens:

Copy tokens for the Recipient View page:

As an admin, you can skip the email step and access your certificates/badges by using the token. Just copy your token and add it to the page "Recipient View":

Reset token:

Since each token can only be connected to one social media profile, your recipients might reach out to you requesting their tokens to be reset. 

To reset a token, just select the recipient from the tab "Recipients", and click on "Reset":

Revoke token access:

You can revoke a token if you have emailed it to the wrong recipient. Revoking it will make this token unusable to claim the certificate/badge by that recipient.

Attention: Revoking the token is not the same as deleting the recipient. If you revoke the token, it cannot be used anymore. But it will not impact certificates that were already claimed by your recipients. If you would like to delete a certificate (so it no longer will be validated on our side), you need to delete the recipient.