Adding a Background

A quick guide on using your own Background image for a certificate

The many different provided template options don't fit your use case or you just want to use your own background that is adapted to your company colours? 

Don't worry we got you!

Step-by-step guide:

1. Go to your Dashboard and click on "Create new Certificate".

2. Click on the "Designer" tab in the certificate settings and then choose either a blank canvas or one of the templates.

3. Click on "Add own Background" and proceed to upload either a JPG or PNG file of your own background.

4. You are done with implementing your own background now you can proceed to further adapt the certificate as you wish.

Please make sure to use the right size and format for your chosen canvas.

Vertikal: min. 2480px * 3508px (width * height)
Horizontal: min. 3508px * 2480px (width * height)
Squared: min. 1000px * 1000px

US Letter:
Vertikal: min. 2550px * 3300px (width * height)
Horizontal: min. 3300px * 2550px (width * height)
Squared: min. 1000px * 1000px