Bounced Emails

Why some emails bounced and what to do about it

There are two main reasons why emails get bounced. Either there is a mistake in the domain or the recipient IT has additional security barriers towards third-party senders.

What to do in these cases:

The first main reason for bounced emails can easily be corrected by checking if the email address is flawlessly spelled and sending the email again after a mistake was corrected.

If there is no mistake in the email address your recipient most likely has an additional security system in place to prevent third-party emails. In this case, you should ask this recipient to whitelist the sending domain:

In case your recipient isn't able to whitelist this email address there are three possibilities to send out the certificate manually from your side. This requires a bit of effort from your side but with this guide, you will be able to send out this email without a problem.

1. Possibility: Download the PDF version of the recipient's certificate and send the file to your recipient. You can find out how to do this here.

2. Possibility: Send a link to the recipient view page as well as their token to your recipient. This is how you do it:

3. Possibility: Integrate your domain for custom sending (this is not part of any of our subscriptions, but if you are interested and want to learn more contact us via chat or your account manager).

1. Step: Login to your account and open up your certificate.

2. Step: Go to the Overview tab and click on "Access recipient view".

3. Step: Copy the URL of the Website you will be navigated to.

4. Step: Start writing an email to your recipient and paste the URL into it.

5. Step: Go back to the certificate in your account and proceed to the "Recipients" tab

6. Step: Search for the recipient with the help of the magnifying glass and then copy their individual Token.

7. Step: The last step is to also paste this Token into the email to your recipient and hit the send button.

Now your recipient has full access to their certificate or badge and can upload it to their social media profile.