Certificate layout

Chose the layout of the PDF version of your certificates. PDF certificates can be downloaded by your recipients. It contains the certificate image and all verifiable information for that recipient.

You can send verifiable digital certificates to your recipients with one click using Virutalbadge.io. Besides being able to easily share their certificates on multiple social media platforms, you recipients can also easily download their certificates in a PDF format.

The PDF certificate is the most complete version that we offer, as it displayed not only the image of the certificate designed by you, as it also carries all the metadata about this certificate and this recipient.

Included in the metadata are:

  1. Name of recipient
  2. Name of course
  3. Name of issuer
  4. URL to issuer’s website
  5. Issue date of the certificate
  6. The expiration date of the certificate (if previously determined)
  7. Validation URL
  8. Validation QR code

How to change the certificate layout

Simply click on “Manage Organisation” from your account’s main dashboard.
The selection of the certificate layout is done at the account level. This means that it is not possible to have different certificate layouts for different courses that you have on your same account. Inside “Organisation” you will see the option for “Certificate Layout”.

Single-page certificates

If you choose to leave the PDF layout as a single page, both the preview of the certificate and the metadata described above will be displayed on the same page.
Here is an example of a single page PDF certificate:

Multi-page certificates

If you choose multi-page PDF layouts, the entire first page of the PDF that your recipients will download will consist of the certificate image. All the metadata and the information in the “About this Certificate” section will be displayed on the following page(s) of the PDF. 

Reminder: Your recipients can also always choose to download just the image version of their certificates (without the validation information). Your recipient can download the complete PDF version or just the certificate image after they receive the access code via email from you.