Digitally Signed Certificates

Learn how to protect your PDFs

In today's digital world, the need for secure and trustworthy documents is paramount especially when it comes to certificates. Ensuring the integrity and authenticity of PDF documents is crucial. This is why we enable our users to add this extra layer of security for their certificates in order to make them cryptographically tamper-proof.
Once you have set up your account and enabled the "Digitally Signed Certificates" feature at, we generate a digital certificate specifically for your organization. This certificate is stored securely within our system and is used to apply digital signatures to the PDF certificates issued by your organization.
To ensure the integrity and authenticity of the PDF certificates, we employ industry-standard cryptographic algorithms. These algorithms generate a digital fingerprint of the document, which is then encrypted using the private key associated with your organization's digital certificate. The resulting digital signature is embedded within the PDF certificate. 

How to get started:

If you have been granted access to this feature by our customer support team, you can simply enable “Digitally Signed Certificates” in the Basic Details section when creating a new certificate.

The workflow has been updated to generate PDFs when a recipient is added to the certificate. This allows for greater flexibility in determining the issue time, which can now be either fixed or dynamically set based on the recipient's addition.

When adding recipients, you will have to wait until the generation process of the digitally signed certificates has been completed, in order to send out the email to the access page.

Once the generation process has been completed you will receive the following email with a link back to the recipient table, where you can download or send out the certificates.

When accessing the validation page via the QR code inside the PDF, you will be able to upload the file to verify its integrity, validity and authenticity.