In-Line Dynamic Text

Add a dynamic field in paragraphs

In-line dynamic text fields are used to combine dynamic text fields and fixed text fields in one single paragraph. 

You can use in-line dynamic fields to build the text "the course took place from until ", keeping both dates as dynamic fields.

How to add in-line dynamic fields?

By default, no in-line dynamic fields are present in the templates from the template gallery. Hence, this field has to be manually added to certificates.

On the navigation menu, choose the tab "Text". There, you will see all the dynamic fields that you have already created for your certificate. To learn more about the creation of a dynamic field, read this article.


Choose the dynamic field that you would like to add to an existing line of fixed texts, and click on "copy to clipboard": 


Now, click on the text field where the dynamic field should be merged into directly in your design preview. 

Simply paste the copied information where you would like the dynamic field to the displayed. The part of the text that is a dynamic field will be displayed between curly brackets: 


You can also visualize how the paragraphs will look like once the curly brackets are removed from the dynamic fields. For that, simply click on the toggle to display placeholder fields: 


You can manage placeholder texts by hovering your mouse on the dynamic texts fields and clicking on the 3-vertical dots that are displayed. Please note that editing placeholder texts is not available for all predefined dynamic fields.