Introduction of the trainer module

Enhance your Training Management

The Trainer Module is an innovative solution that enables trainers to work with their training content in a whole new way. This powerful feature allows trainers to create customized training sessions while collecting important recipient information, optimizing the effectiveness and traceability of their training.

Popular Use Case

Imagine you're the administrator of a company with five dedicated trainers, each serving different customers and delivering customized training. With the Trainer Module, these experts can effortlessly create their own training content directly in their accounts. Additionally, the module enables the capture of critical certificate recipient information via a convenient QR code.

The workflow is extremely user-friendly: after completing the training, participants can simply scan the QR code and immediately request their individual certificates. This seamless process saves time and ensures smooth documentation of training results.

Overall, the Trainer Module revolutionizes training management, enabling trainers to deliver instructional content more effectively while gathering valuable data to further develop their programs. It enhances professional development within your organization.

Certificate Delivery Options

Certificates can be issued to recipients in the following ways, as determined by the admin:

  1. Send to Recipients
  2. Send to Trainer
  3. Send to a Custom email address

Note: The admin can select one, two, or all the three combinations. For more information on the Delivery Types, click here.

How to Use the Trainer Module

The Trainer Module can be found in the dashboard in the upper column next to certificates if you have purchased it. In case you don't have this feature and are interested to learn more. Please click here.


Creating a Training

  1. Enter Training Details:

    • Name of the training/course
    • Date of the training/course



2. Select the Right Certificate:

Click here to learn how to add the Shared collections and specific certificates to training.

3. Add and Display QR Code:

  • Add the QR code and allow participants to scan it to sign up.
  • Switch to presenter mode to display the QR code in a large size.
  • Provide a link to the test form for participants without a camera to enter their data.


Post-Training Procedures

After the course is over, you can:

  • Check the names of the participants.
  • Confirm participation to ensure that only those who completed the course receive the certificate.

Note: Refer to the Approval Type help document to filter recipients before issuing the certificates.

By following these steps, trainers can efficiently manage their training sessions and ensure accurate and timely certificate issuance to participants.