Sending certificates

Once you are done with creating your certificates and adding the recipients, you are ready to send them out.

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Sending the certificates is the final step that you go through.

If you have your certificate integrated into other workflows (using Zapier, or our API, for example), the sending of your certificates can happen automatically, without you needing to visit your account.

Sending certificates for the first time

If you have just created a new certificate (or went back to finish a “draft” certificate), you will see that sending the certificates is simple and you are prompted to do it with a pop-up.

In order to see this pop-up, your certificate must be ready. In other words: You must have finished all the previous steps of this certificate. You can see which steps must still be completed by checking the vertical navigation bar:

Certificate navigation bar

Once you add your recipients for the first time, you will see a pop-up inviting you to activate your certificate and to send all emails to the recipients that you have added.

Send emails to the recipients of your certificates.

Sending certificates for recurring courses

You can easily add more recipients to certificates that are already active.

This is useful in case your course takes place multiple times over the year, or if you forgot to add some recipients previously.

In that case, the certificates will not be automatically sent out as soon as you add the recipients, and you won’t see a pop-up.

You can just open your active certificate, and choose to add more recipients (either in the format of a list or as a single upload).

After adding your recipients, you must click on the button “Send all emails”, in the top right corner of the dashboard. 

Only your new recipients will receive the email.

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