Social Media Mode

What is Social Media Mode, and when should you have it enabled.

What is Social Media Mode

Social Media Mode is a setting inside your digital certificate that impacts multiple stages of the recipient's journey. 

As the name suggests, having Social Media Mode enabled will provide your recipients with the possibility to share their certificates on social media. 

You can enable or disable this functionality from the tab "Basic Details":

Differences between Social media-enabled and disabled

When Social Media Mode is enabled:

For the admin:

1) Create certificates with or without profile pictures;
2) Choose which social media platforms your certificates can be directly shared on (for example, you can choose to deactivate social shares on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter). 
3) Add recommend texts and hashtags for the certificates that are shared as posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

These settings can be found on the tab "Campaign Setup" -> "Sharing Settings", when Social Media Mode is set to enabled.

For the recipient:

1) The email has a preview of the certificate/badge design inside a phone frame;

2) Recipients can choose to connect with their LinkedIn/Facebook accounts to access their certificates. If the certificate created includes a profile picture, the recipient's profile picture from their selected social media account is automatically used.

3) Recipients see the option to share their certificates as posts on the social platforms chosen by you. When LinkedIn or Twitter are selected, the recommended text and hashtags defined by you are automatically added to the posts. 

When Social Media Mode is Disabled:

For the admin:

1) It is not possible to create certificates with profile pictures;
2) The section "Sharing Settings" is not displayed;

For the recipient:

1) The email has a preview of the certificate/badge inside a minimalistic white frame;

2) The recipient is asked to authenticate their accounts using their email address;

3) After verifying their accounts, recipients can download their certificates/badges as PDFs/Images files or upload them to their LinkedIn profiles inside the section "Licenses and Certifications".

Recipients will not see the option to share their certificates as posts on any social media platform.

Should you use Social Media Mode?

Enabling Social Media Mode makes sense for most of the use cases: It is a simple way to bring value to your recipients at the same time that it builds your company's presence online. Because of that, Social Media Mode is enabled by default it all badges/certificates that you create.
At the same time, you might need to send certificates to specific audiences that might not feel comfortable with social media (usually older generations) or your certificate might contain information that is not made to be shared online. 
For those cases, disabling Social Media Mode is recommended.

Troubleshooting Social Media Mode:

I can't enable/disable Social Media Mode:

You can only make changes to your Social Media Mode settings when creating a new certificate. If you already have a saved draft certificate, or if you have duplicated an existing certificate you will not be able to change it. 

I can't see the option "Sharing Settings":

The option "Sharing Settings" is the second step from the tab "Campaign Setup". 
If you don't see this option, you might be creating a certificate with Social Media Mode disabled. 
Create a new certificate and enable Social Media Mode to access the tab "Sharing Settings".

I can't add profile pictures to my certificate/badge:

There are 2 possible explanations for this issue: 

1) Your profile picture is disabled. 

Simply open the design of your certificate and search for "Recipient Profile Picture" in the left element list. 
You can select it and choose to enable it from the right panel:

2) You are creating a badge/certificate with Social Media Mode disabled.

If that is the case, you will not be able to add profile pictures to your design. To change that, you must create a new badge/certificate.