Certificate Status and Statistics

Know if your certificate has reached the recipient.

From your recipient list, you can identify 5 different statuses for each recipient: 


Explained in the order of the certificate-sending process:

  • Not Sent: You have added the recipients to the List of Recipients but haven't clicked on the Send emails button. 
  • Pending: This shows that the email is in the sending process. Which means it will soon change to delivered or bounced
  • Delivered: The email has reached the recipient's inbox.
  • Bounced: The email has not reached the recipient's inbox. If you had a typo error, please delete the recipient and re-add them.
  • Claimed: It means that the email has been opened, the recipient has authenticated themselves and the certificate is ready to be shared and downloaded.

Understanding Certificate Statistics

After you have sent out the access emails to your recipients, the statistic page of that certificate will be available.

You can find this in the Overview Section of your certificates:


Some basic information like the certificate name, the total number of recipients, and the certificate creation date can be seen in the blue box.

The Certificate Statistics are divided into three parts. The number of recipients and the percentage of the total recipients who completed that action can be viewed in each box.

1. Claimed: This shows that the recipient has opened the email and verified themselves to be able to view/download/share their own unique certificates and badges.

2. Certificates shared & downloaded: Refers to the number of recipients who have shared and downloaded their digital certificates/badges.

3. Added to LinkedIn profile: Refers to the number of recipients who have added their certificates to their LinkedIn profile, inside the section "Licenses and Certifications".

4. Moving on to Tracked Social Media Shares: Our software can track this data only if the certificates or badges are shared by clicking on the buttons on the Recipient View page.

In this example, with the help of the pie chart and the percentages, we can observe that more recipients are sharing certificates on LinkedIn than on Facebook or Twitter. This helps plan your marketing strategies accordingly.
Important: If the certificate or badge is first downloaded by your recipient, and later on shared as a post on their social media channel, this post will not be tracked nor added to the statistics page.

5. The Email Statistics section gives you an overview of the email statuses.

In this example, we see that the emails to the recipients have been sent.

  • Opened is when a recipient just clicks and opens the certificate email.
  • Clicked here refers to the recipient who clicked on the "Get Certificate/ Badge" link or button in the email.
  • You can also check if there are any Bounced emails. Exact emails that have bounced can be seen from the tab "Recipients".