Certificate Design

Add your own background, make changes to content, and customize the certificate to fit your use case!

Creating the background design of your certificate does not have to be a challenge. We offer a complete template gallery that allows you to jump-start the process of creating your certificate!

You can easily select and edit the items in your certificate by using the Elements navigation bar:

Using templates

If you choose to start with one of our templates, you can still customize the certificate how you want!

Just delete the text and images from the template and upload your own content.

Resizing images: Keep the button “shift” pressed if you want to resize an image so it won’t lose its correct format.

Templates with profile pictures: You can easily disable profile pictures from a template. Simply select the profile picture and click on “disable”. We talk more about profile pictures here.

Uploading your own design

You can upload your own certificate design or easily start a new certificate from scratch. Simply choose “Start from scratch” when creating a new certificate.

Now that you have a blank canvas to work on, you can select “Own background” to upload your own file. We recommend uploading a file using the size 1431x1908 px.

Recipient Information

In this step, you will format the field for the name of your recipients and choose where their profile picture is going to be displayed (we talk more in-depth about profile pictures here).

The field “Recipient Name” behaves as a dynamic field. This means, that the name of each of the recipients of this certificate will be substituted in that field.

You will add the name of all your recipients in the last step (located in the tab “Recipients”).

Dynamic Fields

Custom dynamic fields are similar to the “Recipient Name” field: The information that will be displayed inside those fields for each of your certificates must be mapped by you when adding the recipient information.

Common use cases for dynamic fields are:

  • Date of completion;
  • Grade awarded;
  • Student ID;
  • Etc.;

You can find more information about dynamic fields here.