Adding and Uploading recipients

Here are the different ways to add dynamic text fields for recipients and upload them

Adding Dynamic Text Fields for Recipient Name in the Designer

In the Designer, there are two ways to add dynamic text fields for the Recipient Name:

  1. Using the Pre-defined Recipient Name:

    • Navigate to the Text tab and select Dynamic Text.
    • Choose the default Recipient Name field.

Note: This field will automatically minimize the font size when the name reaches the end of the certificate, preventing it from breaking into two lines.


2. Or, creating a New Recipient Name Field:

  • Create a new Dynamic Text field.
  • Customize this field as needed for the Recipient Name.

Note: This option is useful if you want to prevent the name from flowing into the certificate design.

By using these methods, you can ensure the Recipient Name is displayed correctly on the certificate.

How to manually add recipients to a certificate

Adding recipients to your certificate is the last step before sending the certificates out.

Manually adding recipients means that you can add each recipient separately, directly from the tab “Recipients”:

You will always be asked the add the following information:

  • Name of recipient
  • Email address of the recipient
  • Dynamic custom field information for that recipient (read more about custom fields here).  

How to add recipients using a CSV file

Also from the tab “Recipients”, you can choose to add certificates in the format of a CSV file.

You must only make sure that the CSV file that you create has one column for the names of your recipients, one for their email addresses, and one column for each dynamic custom field that you choose to add to that certificate. 

For new certificates

If you have started with a new (draft) certificate, you can simply drag and drop your CSV file into the software. 

For existing certificates

If you already have an active certificate and only wish to upload a list with more recipients, you can do it directly from the tab “Recipients”, choose the button “Add Recipients”, and click on “Add List”.

Important: Adding recipients to active/existing certificates will not automatically trigger the sending of emails. You will see that new recipients have their email status as “not sent”, and you must manually send those emails by clicking on the button “Send all emails”.

How to add recipients using integrations

You might find it useful to use integrations if you wish to automatically create and send the certificates when another action is triggered in a separate app.

For example, as soon as a recipient completes a course in your LMS, they automatically receive their certificates from you.

We built separate help documents for adding recipients with integrations:

1. Add recipients using Zapier: 
Zapier allows you to connect your account to more than 4,000 other software. You can create a free Zapier account and build integrations without using code.
2. Add recipients using our API: 
The API offers integration possibilities that allow you to further customize the process of creating and sending the certificates.